Environmentalists for Nuclear (EFN in English, AEPN in French) is a non-profit organization, whose objective is “to inform about energy issues, to publicize the ecological advantages of nuclear power and to unite citizens in favor of an intelligent use of nuclear energy for peaceful purposes, in a spirit of respect for the environment, with good management of nuclear waste”.  (extract from the association’s statutes)


Since 1996, AEPN – EFN has successfully achieved :

16.000 members and supporters around the world

2.000 press articles, radio and television interviews (near 1 billion viewers, readers and listeners around the world)

1.000 lectures given to broad audiences (>100.000 participants)

300 local correspondents distribute information in 65 countries

20 branches, similar organizations, and new movements have been created by AEPN


Because of the increase of the world population, the rapid industrial development of developing countries, the depletion of oil resources, and of the increase in air pollution, the world needs large amounts of clean energy.

EFN considers that the opposition of certain environmental groups to civilian nuclear energy is a major historical mistake and results from a lack of information and a misunderstanding of the subject. Nuclear energy, if properly managed, is particularly clean and safe, emits hardly any polluting gases into the atmosphere, consumes very little fuel (about a million times less than carbon fuels), produces very little waste, requires much less raw materials and space than solar or wind energy, and it does not contribute to the greenhouse effect (almost no CO2 emissions). True environmentalists are therefore (or should be) in favor of an intelligent and controlled use of nuclear energy, in addition to, of course, saving energy and, to a limited extent, renewable energies.

EFN informs the public on these subjects and in particular on the many ecological advantages of nuclear energy, which is by far the cleanest energy massively available today.

Nuclear energy is THE solution to the most important problems humanity currently faces : population growth, industrial development, global pollution, the need for massively abundant and non-intermittent clean energy, and also the quest for better health and longevity.

Nuclear energy is indeed not only great for producing large amounts of clean electricity, it also has numerous medical applications. Controlled exposure to moderate doses of radioactivity has positive health effects.

We at EFN have a great team to spread this information around the world.

We have already gone a long way since AEPN was created, a quarter of a century ago, in November 1996.

If you would like to join us, we welcome you, and many thanks for your support, and for helping us to continue our international development.

We invite you to join AEPN/EFN as a member and as a local correspondent and thank you 🙏  for your help and your donations !


Founder and President of AEPN and EFN, author since the 1980’s of 10 books on natural living and preventative health, he lives a zero-carbon lifestyle (no coal, no oil, no gas). His ecohouse, that he designed and built himself, produces since 2010 more energy than it consumes (positive energy). He drives a 100% electric car since 2012. He is proud to live in France, where electricity is 15% hydraulic and 80 nuclear, therefore 95% clean.