Your donations

Your donation

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AEPN / EFN will use your donation in accordance with its objective, to promote clean nuclear energy, and inform the public, opinion leaders and journalists in different countries around the world, about the advantages of clean nuclear energy for the environment.

Your donation can be a one-time only donation or a recurring donation (yearly or monthly, for example). You can choose the amount and set the parameters of the donation  as you wish. 


For donations from donors located anywhere in the world (all countries), click on the first button below named “international donation”. You will receive a standard receipt in English. The donation is made on-line by credit card, via stripe or paypal. Different types of credit cards are accepted : Visa, MasterCard, American Express, etc.

For donations coming from France, click on the button below named “Donation coming from France”. You will receive an official French tax receipt. The donation is made (you can choose) by bank transfer, or by on-line by credit card (all standard cards are accepted : Visa, MasterCard, American Express, etc.), via the Yapla payment platform.


A few examples of what we do with the donated money :

– print and distribute leaflets about energy and the environment.

– write, publish, comment and promote pronuclear documents on-line.

– scientific research on the medical and heath benefits of moderate doses of radioactivity

– participate in public debates

– cover our phone, internet and communication costs.

– organize action campaigns, and juridical actions.

– contact journalists and give interviews.

– translate and publish pronuclear books and documents.

– organize AEPN/EFN branches or similar groups in new countries, with specific mailing lists, forums, documents, etc.


Thank you so much for your generosity !