Environmentalists For Nuclear - EFN

The Association of Ecologists for Nuclear Energy (AEPN) is a non-profit association whose objective is: “to provide full and honest information on energy issues, to publicize the ecological advantages of nuclear energy and to bring together people in favor of an intelligent use for peaceful purposes of nuclear energy, in a spirit of respect for the environment, with good management of nuclear waste “(extract from the association’s statutes).

EFN perspective

Given the growing greenhouse effect, the increase in the world population, the industrial development of developing countries and the foreseeable depletion of petroleum resources, the world is going to need large amounts of clean energy.

The EFN considers that the opposition of certain environmentalists to civilian nuclear energy is a serious historical error and results from a lack of information and a misunderstanding of the subject. Nuclear energy, if properly managed, is particularly clean and safe, emits virtually no polluting gases into the atmosphere, consumes very little fuel (around 1,000,000 times less than fossil fuels), produces very little waste, requires much less building materials and space than solar or wind power and, unlike oil, gas and coal, does not participate in the greenhouse effect (almost no emissions of CO2). For the EFN, true environmentalists are in favor of an intelligent and well-controlled use of nuclear energy in addition to energy savings and renewable energies.

The EFN informs the public on all these subjects and in particular on the advantages of energy
nuclear, which is by far the cleanest of the energies massively available today.