EFN-AEPN started growing in 1996 around Bruno Comby (author of 8 books on healthy living, and environmentalism) after the publication of his book “Environmentalists For Nuclear Energy” and his participation in numerous TV and radio debates on this occasion.

EFN-AEPN promotes nuclear energy for a better and cleaner planet in a calm and rational manner.

EFN-AEPN considers that environmental opposition to nuclear energy is the greatest misunderstanding and mistake of the century.

If well managed, nuclear energy is a very clean energy, does not reject polluting gases in the atmosphere, uses very few construction materials (per kWh) compared to solar & wind energy, produces very little waste (almost totally confined), and does not contribute to the greenhouse effect (no carbon dioxyde).

For EFN-AEPN, true environmentalists should therefore be in favor of nuclear energy. EFN-AEPN works at informing the public of the environmental benefits of nuclear energy, the cleanest energy resource massively available.

Our belief is that more efficient uses of energy, and self sustainable lifestyles should be promoted on the long term, and that in the meantime renewable energies and nuclear energy should totally replace the use of oil, coal and gas, wherever possible.

EFN-AEPN unites people throughout the world who are concerned about the future of our planet and want to keep it clean and protect nature, thanks to the use of nuclear energy and renewable energies in replacement of oil, gas and coal.

Since EFN-AEPN was created, many of the greatest environmental leaders have joined our organization or share our views such as, for example, Pr. James Lovelock (author of the Gaia theory), Patrick Moore in North America (co-founder of Greenpeace international in 1971 in Vancouver, Honorary Chairman of EFN-AEPN-Canada). Others include : Stewart Brand (author of the Whole Earth Catalogue), late Bishop Hugh Montefiore (founder and former director of Friends Of the Earth until he joined EFN-AEPN) and Stephen Tindale (former executive director of Greenpeace U.K. from 2000-2005) who protested against nuclear power for 20 years, but changed his view in 2009 to support clean nuclear energy & has founded the group Climate Answers. The Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) who was hostile to nuclear power until 2005, is now neutral to it. The environmental group Center for Environment, Commerce & Energy (CECE) supports nuclear power in the US.